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What makes BrokerPro one of the most robust TMS Solutions available?

BrokerPro’s Speed + Reliability = Profits

BrokerPro freight broker software was designed by transportation management industry experts. Check out some of its top features.

PTL Consolidation

Partial truckload capability lets you split loads, enter multiple customers, stops, consignees, and rate information.


Our seamless integration with QuickBooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop makes accounting a breeze. Automatically generate customer invoices and carrier settlements.


SaferWatch gives you the ability to and quickly qualify, import, and manage carriers. Click here for a free trial.

Infinity Posting Service

A single click pushes your loads to DAT, Internet Truckstop and PostEverywhere. It doesn’t get easier than this!


BrokerPro supports EDI 204, 210 and 214, so you can stay connected to your customers in real time.

Power Search

Ability to Power Search by virtually any field in the system and query all orders, customers and carriers by user-defined criteria. All reports and search results can be exported to PDF and Excel.

Text Load Instructions

With BrokerPro you can easily text pickup and delivery instructions to your driver.

Load Detail System

BrokerPro’s Load Detail System is the most comprehensive in the logistic industry. From a single screen you can add a new load, edit or copy an existing load, select multiple customers and carriers, quick post to load boards, and manage the entire process from pickup to payment.

Email, Print, or E-Sign

Quickly print, email, or request e-signatures for customer and carrier rate confirmations from one screen. Automatically send status emails as check-calls are received.


BrokerPro TMS supports multi-currency, provincial taxes, and exchange rates, which are also fully integrated with QuickBooks Online and Quickbook’s Desktop. Canadian and Mexican brokers now have an affordable solution to their TMS needs!

Back-Office Automation

TriumphPay uses machine-learning, sometimes referred to as A.I., to automate time-consuming back office work.Your teams will spend less time on manual work and more time growing your company. Our own users report this reduces time spent on accounting by approx. 75%!

ACH Payments

Receive payments from customers as well as pay your carriers electronically with extremely low fees. Carriers receive funds in as little as 2 Business Days! Fully integrated and managed within BrokerPro.

Rate Quote System

BrokerPro’s Rate Quote System makes it easy for you to take prospective load orders from customers and quickly link them with trusted carriers. With RQS you can email requests for bids and fixed price offers to carriers and quick-post to load boards to get the best rate for your customers.

Document Manager

Document Manager takes the guesswork out of managing your important documents. You can upload, organize, and manage documents associated with loads, customers, or carriers. Every document you need is always just a click away.


WebTrack is an interactive customer/carrier portal. Customers can search/view load history, check calls, print PODs and invoices as well as review and submit quotes. Carriers can bid on loads, search/view history, enter check calls, upload documents and enter available equipment.