Infinity Software Solutions serves a variety of transportation intermediaries, agents and shippers throughout the U.S, from independent freight broker agents to large transportation firms. We are helping companies of all sizes streamline their operations, save money and improve service.

Web App Developer(Ruby on Rails & JavaScript)

What's this role about?

We are seeking a developer with 3 or more years of experience working in a web application environment, primarily utilizing Ruby on Rails and JavaScript with a MySQL database.

To be successful in this role you need

  • Front End: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Back End: Ruby on rails or another Object-Oriented language with MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework.
  • Server: Ubuntu,Nginx, Phusion Passenger
  • Other: AWS(Amazon Web Services), Complex Algebra
  • Managing a matrix way of working

Primary Duties and Responsibilities(Other Duties May Be Assigned)

  • Managing and monitoring various servers / services using various tools.
  • Handling technical support via phone, chat, and/or email.
  • Investigating technical issues by utilizing logs, breadcrumbs, screen captures, recordings, and more in combination with existing source code and retrieve information from MySQL database to identify the cause of the issue.
  • Record and track issues in a Project Management system.
  • Resolve issues previously recorded.
  • Schedule and host virtual meetings and keep a calendar of appointments.
  • Utilize an agile development cycle to plan, develop new features or refactor existing ones.
  • Design and write unit tests and feature tests for newly developed features.
  • Participate in daily standup meetings and demonstrate / discuss development progress.
  • Maintains technical specifications and supplementary project documentation in compliance with changes in the system or its environment.
  • Regularly participates in reviews of team work products.
  • Identifies system and engineering process deficiencies; proposes and implements solutions and process improvements.
  • Utilize an agile development cycle to plan, develop new features or refactor existing ones.
  • Works under minimal supervision

Misc Requirements/Skills (Education, Software, Hardware, ETC.)

  • Solid principles of objected-oriented programming and design
  • Comprehension of different types of testing i.e. unit, system, integration & performance.
  • Good interpersonal, communications skills and ability to work independently.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills and proficient technical writing.
  • Demonstrated ability to coach and mentor others. Candidates may be asked to deliver a short presentation on a technical topic of their choice as part of the interviewing process.


What's this role about?

Responsible for providing exceptional customer support for new and existing customers, internal information technology support for Infinity Software Solutions, and assist with sales and marketing efforts.

To be successful in this role you need

  • Respond to customer queries in a timely and accurate way, via phone, email or chat
  • Identify customer needs and help customers use specific features
  • Follow up with customers to ensure their technical issues are resolved
  • Multi-tasking abilities
  • Patience when handling tough cases